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Online Channel Optimization

“In 2008, overall corporate spending on customer-facing online presences is increasing by 13 percent from 2007 to 2008, with the bulk of that spending going toward secure (versus public) sites. Panelists also report that for every product we ask about, the online channel is the lowest-cost channel for acquiring customers…"
Source: Forrester Research Survey Results, July 2008

The Time Is Now to Tap into the Potential of Your Online Channel
More than ever, financial institutions are now poised to tap into the power of the online channel to enhance and monetize a strong, recurring online banking and bill payment relationship, while anticipating and delivering on their customers' changing needs at the lowest possible cost. By converting occasional users into avid users of online banking and bill pay, institutions can better power their online channel’s revenue opportunities.

The result? Your end-users are empowered to better manage their finances, achieve key personal milestones and forge a trusted relationship with your institution.

Our approach to the online channel enables your organization to rapidly deploy new innovations with the degree of control and integration that is right for you, at the lowest total cost. The result is a better integrated, more seamless experience that empowers your users to more fully manage their financial picture – and enables you to drive interactions that power profitability, online.

Why Choose Fiserv to Optimize Your Online Channel?
We are the industry leader in proven innovation of online banking and bill payment and presentment solutions. For more than 25 years, we have been helping organizations optimize their financial services technology to meet their business goals through the online channel.

When you partner with Fiserv, you leverage our extensive experience in usability, consumer insights, operational quality and deployment of online financial services to deliver the solution you need to optimize your online channel. Transform your online channel into a profit-rich hub of interaction with your customer base.

For more information on how Fiserv can help optimize your online channel, contact your account executive, call 800-872-7882 or Request More Information.

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Why Choose Fiserv to Optimize Your Online Channel?

We can help you deliver a world-class user experience that enables you to “optimize” every customer touch point, allowing you to deepen customer relationships and ultimately capitalize on each precious interaction.

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NEW Ethnographic Study

Fiserv is committed to creating a rich, industry-leading user experience. A series of ethnographic research studies is underway; beginning with a consumer study that better illuminates online behavior and triggers.

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Request More Information

For more information on how we can help optimize your online channel, contact us at 800-872-7882 or Request More Information.

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