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Today’s rapidly changing payments environment creates opportunity for those who can adapt. Our vision of the future includes streamlined processing for a variety of payment vehicles – a single corridor through which all payments pass. The result is Convergent Payments OptimizationSM from Fiserv – a more efficient approach to multi-channel payments management.

Important aspects of Convergent Payments Optimization are available now, including enterprise payments data monitoring, commercial client onboarding and ACH risk mitigation.

Convergent Payments Solutions are designed to protect and improve upon current PEP+® and check systems as Fiserv delivers the next generation of payment processing capabilities. Key solution benefits include reduction of payment processing costs, streamlining of payments processing, and the ability to offer new payments services to corporate clients.

Download Convergent Payments Optimization White Paper

 ACH Risk Mitigation - Monitoring ACH payments for potential errors and fraud is critical to an institution’s success. Payments Risk Manager™ integrates risk mitigation procedures with ACH processing. It provides a flexible interface between ACH processing and your existing enterprise risk software. More ··>
 Commercial Client Onboarding - Entering new customer profile information is an efficient, one-time process. Commercial Onboarding ACH™ provides a single point of data entry for common customer information, which reduces the number of input errors and improves customer satisfaction. More ··>
 Payments Data Monitoring - Access your enterprise-wide payments data without disrupting your existing payment processing systems. PaymentView™ is a central portal for notification, monitoring and reporting of all payment types. Cash, credit card and debit card payments, ACH, checks and wire processing are all accessible, so you can view the complete payments landscape. More ··>

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